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"Union Finance Ltd." is proud to announce its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative since 2011-12 fiscal year. Understanding that Nepali communities, especially in the rural areas, are desperate for development efforts, we have partnered with Community Members Interested (COMMITTED-Nepal), a leading Social Welfare Council registered NGO in Nepal with ties to a tax-exempt non-profit group COMMITTED-U.S. to carry out all of our CSR activities. Our thoughts also resonate with that of COMMITED-Nepal regarding the relation between development and an educated mass. We agree with them that education-a basic human right of all children, should be made free and mandatory. Our CSR efforts are targeted towards improving the learning environment for children and hope to carry out meaningful programs with our NGO Partner, COMMITTED-Nepal." Please click on CSR Archives to learn more about our CSR activities.

CSR Archives

Fiscal Year 2011-12


CSR Activities - Fiscal Year 2011-12

"As a part of Union Finance's CSR initiatives, in collaboration with Community Members Interested (COMMITTED-Nepal), we built a science lab for Sri Raithane Secondary School. With due diligence from all concerned parties, the science lab was completed timely and inaugurated on June 30, 2012. The science lab is a part of an initiative to expand Sri Raithane from a secondary to a higher secondary school. Established with assistance and coordination from Union Finance Ltd., MC Dean, Inc., and COMMITTED-Nepal, it is the only science lab in the general area. Even the higher secondary school currently in operation in Thangpaldhaap, two VDCs down, does not have a science lab. Our lab will serve approximately 365 students of the school, and as a result the entire VDC will benefit from our initiative. We, at Union Finance, are proud to fulfill our social responsibility towards our country. Please click here to see a short video on the Science Lab project."


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